Tips From LA’s Top Organizers

Organization is sometimes not an easy task. It can be difficult to know where to start. Once you’ve started, it can be a challenge to maintain. Though it can be tough it always proves to be worth it and there are plenty of ways to make organization a little easier to do. Here are a few tips from some of LA’s best organizers:



“My philosophy: If you want to get organized and stay organized you must create a home for everything. If you are not able to create a home for all that you have, then it’s time to edit. Your garage is a great place to store archival or long-term storage. Creating space in the garage for this category will allow more space in your home for all of those things you use on a regular basis. When choosing what you’ll store for an extended period of time, be ruthless, think about what you really wish to hang on to. And be sure to leave room to grow.” Suzanne O’donnell, From My LA Organizer


My LA Organizer



“Ask yourself: What is the primary purpose of my garage? Do I want it for my car or for storage? Once you’ve found your answer, don’t bring anything more than will fit. A similar process can be followed anywhere in the home.” Regina Lark, From A Clear Path


A Clear Path



“Getting organized doesn’t have to mean getting rid of all your things! We’ve worked with a lot of clients who were nervous to hire a professional organizer because they didn’t want to be convinced that they needed to do a Konmari-style purge of their stuff. But we believe that organizational systems only last when the client is on board with the changes, and the systems are created to make your life easier. Figure out what works for you and stick with it!

Tip: Check your mailbox every day, and sort it directly over the recycling bin. Immediately discard all the junk mail, keep catalogs in one pile to browse over coffee some morning, and put “to do” items in another pile. This is half the battle, and makes the task much easier to deal with.”  – Elsa Elbert, From Composed Living


Composed Living



“Being open to change can change your life. Everyone gets stuck in their ways and making even the smallest shift can change everything. It can open the doors to things you never could have imagined. When your home is organized, you are less stressed and you have more time for the things that matter in your life. Thus, leading to a happier you.” – Julie Naylon, From No Wire Hangers


No Wire Hangers



“We are the living art of releasing and receiving. We balance the two in order to love the space we’re in. This ultimately leads to less clutter; more clarity, empowered decision-making, freedom, and purpose. This, my dear, is divine order~ and what we’re each seeking, is already within us.” – Ashley Moon Stanfield, From Creatively Neat


ashley moon



“The only way to convince the people you live with to clean up their stuff is to lead by example. If having things in their place is important to you, you will naturally make it a priority. However, there is no rule that says your priorities magically transfer to other people just because you love them and live with them! When you tidy up around your house, do it because it makes you happy. Don’t do it out of spite or to impress anyone else. You are worth the effort. You are the only reason you need.” – Nonnahs Driskill, From Get Organized Already


Get Organized Already



“Use, clear, watertight containers for items stored in the garage to keep them clean and free from any potential floods. Use painters tape and a sharpie to mark the contents of each container. Store items in the garage that are rarely used (holiday decorations, electronic cords, picnic gear, etc.) or are keepsakes so you can keep prime real estate free for everyday items in the house.” – Cindy Kamm, From Details etc.


Details etc.



“One of our favorite products is a hanging sweater organizer but we rarely use it for sweaters.  We love to use it in linen closets for towels and sheets, in laundry rooms for cleaning supplies, or in closets for pants or purses.” -Tina and Greg Staffon, From Home Organizers Plus


Home Organizers Plus



No matter where you are in your home organization journey, take these tips and improve organization in your life.