I really didn’t think our garage was that big, but after getting some Monkey Bars installed, I was able to hang and store all of my stuff! We have a lot of seasonal items that were perfectly stored on the shelves. I’m so happy with our investment and will recommend to all of my friends!

John & Carrie S.Los Angeles, CA

I’ve always been into carpentry and projects but never had a good place to complete them. I got some new cabinets installed with a workbench and I’ve been more motivated to finish those projects I started. I got some shelving too which opened up my work area and made the garage feel bigger. I’m definitely pleased with my new garage/shop!

Kenny T.Los Angeles, CA

Let’s just say my garage was a mess. With 4 kids and 2 adults, all of us very active, our garage quickly became the go-to place for equipment and storage. Nothing seemed to fit and our 2nd car was banished to the driveway. Luckily, our garage shelving was installed and I’ve never been happier. What a difference it makes! Now, both our cars fit in the garage and we didn’t even get rid of that much stuff! I love our Monkey Bars.

Candice L. Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for your flexibility and willingness to accommodate our busy schedule. We appreciate it so much! The Monkey Bars solution looks great.

Amy T.Manhattan Beach, CA
Delighted With Results

It was such a pleasure to work with you and your guys, I’m almost sorry the project is over! I’m delighted with the results, even enjoying the process of deciding which hooks to use for each item.

Please don’t hesitate to use my name as a reference. I’d be delighted to tell your prospects how dependable, professional and thorough you are, as those traits are so critical to the success of a project, yet sadly so rare.

Kathy M.Rolling Hills Estates, CA
la canada garage storage

I just wanted to drop you this quick note to tell you that I am very happy about my new garage. Your guys did a fantastic job and they were also very nice. Great team!

Murielle & VincentLos Angeles, CA
Customer Satisfaction

Your positive attitude and detail to customer satisfaction sets you apart from the rest. I felt comfortable putting this job in your hands from day 1. Thanks for going the extra mile to make the job the best it can be within my budget.

Terry T.Torrance, CA
Really, Really Happy

I am really, really happy with it by the way. My garage is officially pimped!

Steve D.Manhattan Beach, CA
Favorite Room

We love the work you did in our garage; its easily one of our favorite rooms of the house now.

Michelle M.Beverly Hills, CA
garage shelving and flooring

I walked through the garage today. Wow. Just wow. I LOVE it. The floor is beautiful. Thanks!

Steve DManhattan Beach, CA