Garage Flooring Rolling Hills Estates

Have you ever been interested in seeing how we do a flooring job? You’ve probably read that it’s a huge process if you want to get a quality garage floor. We want to show you how to get the best garage flooring Rolling Hills Estates can offer. In June 2014, we installed a quality, epoxy floor and the customer was more than pleased.

In order to obtain the best garage flooring in Rolling Hills Estates, we went through the difficult process of buffing, filling cracks, and allowing for a drain in the garage. Our business model isn’t about getting the job as done and low cost as possible. We make sure to use only the best equipment, product, and labor. We value our process and hope our customers do too. Check out the gallery below for pictures of this job!

A little note about the garage flooring in Rolling Hills Estates from the owner, Jay Griffith:

Ryan and his wife just bought the house and we installed the floor the day after settlement. Ryan is a Police officer (Swat Team) and has since referred 6 of his friend’s to us who have all had floors done. We did 2 of his friends this past week. He is an Awesome guy.  We had some heavy oil marks, a drain cover and joints to fill in and prep for. Ryan choose Marble for his chips.
Before Install:
“Jay,  – Thank you for coming out the other day.  I had a couple other quotes that were cheaper but you were the most professional and I value working with good people.”     Ryan P.


After install:
“Jay,  –  I love the floor…thank you. Thank you also for the great job you did with my friends.  They all mentioned how professional and nice you were.  They are very satisfied and you made me look really good for recommending you.  I would be happy to be a reference for you anytime and will continue to refer you business anytime I can.”   Ryan P.