Complete Garage Makeover In Los Angeles

Can you imagine having a garage that you absolutely hate? Many people don’t have to imagine because their garage is such a mess, how could they like it? Paul G. was one of these people. Here are the photos of his garage before Organized Garage Solutions helped him.


Jay and his team worked together to give Paul G. a complete garage makeover in Los Angeles. Not only did they paint the walls, but they installed an epoxy floor coating, cabinets, and shelving. Here is what Paul had to say about the finished product:

“While I was a little concerned about how the rack was going to look with all the good work we did in the garage, the rack definitely looks very professional, and it’s very functional.  I was able to put my car carrier on it, as well as all my tote boxes.

Jay, you and your team did a fabulous job with the cabinets, workbench, racks, and flooring.  What I appreciate about you is how much effort you’ve given me in trying to create my dream garage.  I was pleased how you took ownership of the initial flooring and how you were not happy with the outcome.  You got a nice niche going with your garage rehabilitation business.

Again, Jay, you did a FABULOUS job with creating my dream garage.”

Here are some after photos of the garage.


If you are wishing to have similar results as Paul, give us a call today. We can help you obtain the garage of your dreams.